Technology for Hair Loss

Reviving Hair Regrowth Product

Herbal-H is a unique hair growth solution using a technology and formula that really works.

The Technology

The innovative Penetrating Peel Technology boosts the permeation of angelica sinensis by changing the arrangements of skin cuticle cells. This technique for hair regrowth is safe and works on the majority of hair loss problems.

Throughout the treatment, the Penetrating Peel Technology will successfully enhance the skin's micro circulation and urge capillary vessel dilatation to push the hair growth to another level.

Hair Growth DoctorsThe technology has the special ability to dissolve the excess of sebum in the Sebaceous gland. The Sebaceous gland is directly connected to the hair follicle and plays a big role in distributing oily matter, called sebum to the skin and hair of the scalp. Sebum moisturises skin preventing it from drying out keeping hair healthy. It can also help to prevent bacteria build up. However, in the case of most men with hair loss, the accumulation of too much sebum will start to build up in the hair follicle which will eventually make its way up to the top of the scalp and oxidise with air. This causes sebum to harden and bacteria to enter the hardened sebum damaging the follicle and causing hair to stop growing. This is called seborrheic alopecia which Herbal-H is very successful in treating.

Furthermore, Herbal-H's Penetrating Peel Technology has the strength to enlarge the mechanism of the sweat gland and improve physiological function of the hair so that hair follicles absorb nutrients conveniently. Simultaneously, when you use Herbal-H for a period of time, the hair vesicle will gain more hair growth vitamins such as amino acids and microelements which will help with thinning hair and prolong the hair growth period resulting in longer and thicker hair.


The Formula

Herbal Hair Growth FormulaDuring early stages of development, scientists and hair doctors used dainty raw material and perfect technique to develop a herbal hair growth solution that not only extracts the effective ingredients but also keeps the bioactivity of those raw materials. With the Herbal-H new Penetrating Technology, the herbal hair growth vitamins can have a quicker effect within a shorter period of time.

The enhancement of hair follicles and roots come with the correct concentration and intensity of each active ingredient. While some nutrients prevent hair loss, the principal ingredients of Herbal-H promote exceptional hair restoration.

Hair loss treatments today work only to stop hair from falling by keeping your scalp protected from DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), which is a by-product of Testosterone. DHT attacks susceptible hair follicles and prevents further hair growth, leading to male hair loss.

Blocking DHT is useful in preventing it from attacking the hair follicles at the temples of the head but many people have never seen any success in regrowing hair using DHT blocker products. This is because the hair follicles have already been damaged; hence using the blocker treatment will do no good to follicles that are already damaged, if not dead.

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