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Herbal-H (released March 2009) is a newly adopted formula combining and mixing 3% Minoxidil with highly effective herbal extracts to form what we call Herbal Minoxidil, scientifically proven to regrow hair.

Located in Larnaka, Cyprus. Herbal-H was founded in 2006 to develop a toxic-free revolutionary hair growth spray under a high tech bioengineering environment.

scientistThe powerful ingredients used in the Herbal-H formula have been researched and tested based on numerous scientific studies.

Herbal-H is the first herbal product medically proven to treat hair loss and effectively regrow hair. Herbal-H uses the herbal active ingredient called Maima. Scientists believe that Maima works either by helping the blood flow to the cells in your scalp that grow hair, or by increasing the number of actively growing cells.

The unique mixture of Minoxidil and potent herbal extracts introduces total revitalization of hair follicles making Herbal-H formula the safest and most effective on the market. Therapeutically, Herbal-H is mainly formulated to treat seborrheic and androgenetic alopecia; however other forms of alopecia as well as other types of hair loss in general have seen exceptional results using the three month hair loss treatment.

In March 2009, Herbal-H released its hair growth spray when it obtained authentication & approval from the National Sanitation Department. It was a great success for Herbal-H to have developed a toxic-free hair loss solution that works. Other hair growth treatments are successful in regrowing hair but contain drugs which are considered dangerous for your health.

Two years after in March 2011, scientists improve Herbal-H formula by increasing concentrations making the hair loss treatment even more effective while continuing to be side-effect free. The new solution keeps the same price tag while bringing us innovative and upgraded Herbal Minoxidil 3% embraced with natural hair growth vitamins that provide exceptional results.

Herbal-H chemists are constantly striving to develop safe and effective formulas and are also in the works of developing a new hair growth formula for women's hair loss.

Happy CoupleLooking good doesn't mean you need to damage your health. Herbal-H advanced hair regrowth spray offers the safest way for men to regrow their hair.

Clinically tested and doctor recommended, the Herbal-H Advanced Hair Growth Treatment comprises the highest quality herbs and sophistication for use without the need for medical supervision. The formula's unique features are a result of years of bio-engineering and testing; making our product the most efficient hair regrowth solution available on the market. Refined raw materials ensure our product is safe and comfortable to use for any type of hair loss. We provide men with the key formula necessary for a successful hair growing experience. Our full customer support is designed to help our clients through every step of the treatment in comfort and safety. Start receiving treatment and getting results today.

We take great pride in providing men with a safe way to grow new hair and this is why we ship to any country in world!

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