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Herbal-H Advanced Hair Regrowth Spray for Men

The Most Effective Hair Loss Treatment!

Herbal-H is a liquid spray formula medically proven to stop hair loss and designed specifically for promoting hair to regrow.

Most hair loss treatments can be useful in preventing hair from falling by nourishing the scalp and by minimizing the damage caused by DHT.

But how does one regrow hair in bald or thinning areas?bald man depressed

Hair loss treatments today only serves the purpose to stop hair from falling. Herbal-H goes one step further and initiates the hair growth process.

Herbal-H is primarily formulated to treat Male Pattern Baldness and Alopecia. However, it can also be used to help with all other types of hair loss and can improve the overall quality and thickness of hair.

The New Penetrating Peel Technology promotes the permeation of angelica sinensis by changing the arrangements of cuticle cells and also significantly enlarging the mechanism of the sweat gland and hair follicle. It also increases hydration to the scalp making it easier to absorb the treatment.

Read more about the Penetrating Peel Technology.

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Herbal-H is a highly effective and toxic-free hair regrowth treatment. Its advanced herbal formula works fast and can also reduce the total number of applications required, while extending the functional duration of each application and the new penetrating peel technology reaches the hair follicles directly, causing the effect to occur faster and works on the majority of men's hair loss!

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No Medical Prescription Required!

There is no need to consult a doctor prior to using Herbal-H hair regrowth spray. Herbal-H has obtained the approval and authentication from the National Sanitation Department to offer the safest 3 month treatment to regrow hair. It is 100% safe to use and does not cause any side effects, nor is a health hazard in any manner. Herbal-H is a special kind of solution consisting of FDA approved-ingredient minoxidil and purely natural herbs under a high-tech bioengineering environment.

No Drugs like Finasteride!

finasteride drugsAvoid the troubles of using chemical based products containing drugs like Finasteride, whose use is accompanied by several dangerous side effects. Learn more about the dangers of Finasteride and how Herbal-H offers the safest to use 3 month treatment for the most effective results!

Now Available! Herbal Minoxidil 3%

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